Team building

It is destined to groups of enterprises whose staff needs to escape the routine and have fun, performing a joint activity outside their workspace. We offer an innovative experience in a healthy and relaxing aquatic environment.

It is a way to interact and hang out with your colleagues and / or managers based on the methodology of coaching. It can be done in any aquatic environment both artificial and natural, and lasts from 60 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the number of people, broken down into:

  • Welcome to the Experience.
  • Introduction to the history and mythology of Mermaids and Tritons.
  • Suitable warming for water activities.
  • We provide the material, an explanation of its use and conservation.
  • Adaptation to the aquatic kit.
  • First movement: Floating, Sprint and Rest.
  • Styles: Mermaid, Dolphin and Seal.
  • Figures: Immersion, Vertical, and Spins.
  • Coaching Methodology: Know your equipment; improve communication, motivation, confidence and leadership.
  • Group photos and free photos.
  • Handing over of certificates.
  • Cava or natural juice.