Organize an original hen’s farewell performance

05 Oct Organize an original hen’s farewell performance

In SIRENAS MEDITERRANEAN ACADEMY we will help you to organize an original hen’s farewell performance.  Don’t worry about how to arrange a tour with different events for the bride and preparing for her some activities that she wouldn’t ever have imagined before. Here we are ready to transform her and her friends into mermaids for a day!

Yes, yes. You have heard it right! The bride and the group of guests can enjoy a unique experience and have fun with a soaking experience. An original hen’s farewell performance that, for sure, you haven’t ever lived before because wouldn’t you like to celebrate a special party as this one as everybody does? Including all of your friends that can enjoy a nice time together in a stag party all transformed in mermen.

Also, it is very simple; you only need an aquatic space where to carry on the original hen’s farewell performance. You can organize it in a hotel, at your home’s pool or even at friends’ pool and if you prefer, we can suggest you one of our selected places in Tarragona, close Barcelona ( 1 hour by train). In case, you are throughout other places, please contact us and let’s talk about it.

Celebrating an original hen’s farewell performance is as simple as this. Don’t miss this video of one of the original hen’s farewell performance we have carried out and you will be able to see much better in what the activity is about.