‘Sirenas Mediterranean Academy’ was born thanks to Susana Seuma’s love for the sea and Alejandro Rodriguez’s virtue for turning this dream into an Academy.

sirenaslogoSusana Seuma, director of this Academy, was born in Lleida. She established herself in Tarragona 15 years ago, between others reasons, because she wanted to live near the sea. Since she was a child she was a sea lover, she always liked swimming. She has an International Diving Certificate PADI, Freediving (Apnea) for The International Lung Diving SSI, and lifeguard certificated for natural water areas.

But she didn’t begin to develop the mermaid academy since 2013. She has a degree in English Philology and Certified in Coaching; Susana worked as a manager in a business of computers and electronic components when she had an accident. A car hit her and her leg was hurt. In order to recover she swam more than she had ever done before.

She was discouraged. His partner – and a Triton now- encouraged her to launch this academy: “Like many other people, her dream was to be a mermaid and we tried it, first of all we turned her dream into and then we started to share it” explains Alejandro Rodríguez, an industrial engineer and with a Theatre qualification. They worked on the idea during a year and in the summer of 2014 they officially launched the ‘Sirenas Mediterranean Academy’ in Tarragona.