Improve and enjoy!

Enjoys like a fish swimming with our mermaid tails in the sea

This course takes place on the sea where you can enjoy and practice skills learned during your Baptism while enjoying your freedom in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Mermaid Sea
  • Welcome to the Experience.
  • Introduction to the Mediterranean coast fish.
  • Advice for the natural aquatic medium.
  • Suitable warming for water activities.
  • We provide the material, an explanation of its use and conservation.
  • Reminder of everything learned in the Baptism.
  • First movements: Floating, Sprint and Rest.
  • Styles: Shark, Eel, and Swordfish.
  • Figures: Surfing the waves, Vertical II, Spins II.
  • Pictures.
  • Cava or natural juice.
Price: from 49 €
Duration 90 minutes. Approx.