The Academy

La primera academia
de Sirenas y Trintones

Una experiencia única en el Mediterráneo

Conviértete en Sirena o Tritón

Haz tu sueño realidad

The first Mediterranean Academy of Mermaids ‘Sirenas Mediterranean Academy’, was born from a dream and offers the possibility of living a unique experience in the Mediterranean, a magical fantasy, becoming a Mermaid or Triton.

This is our purpose, a water leisure activity, a funny and healthy entertainment, and a dream that any person whether male or female, big or small, can make it possible. All this is done having in consideration the concept of an academy, in order to create a cultural, artistic and sportive institution.

The figure of Mermaids and Tritons not only represent the history and mythology of the Mediterranean, but also the love for the wildlife and vegetation and its conservation, and as a consequence for the other seas and oceans on Earth. Our planet is also called the blue planet as more than the 70% of its composition is water.

For this reason, educational and social actions are performed, collaborating with schools and encouraging respect for the environment, linking and collaborating with institutions and associations that work for the conservation of the environmental space.

The practice of water sports is one of the healthiest ways to keep fit. This quality is one of the main characteristics of our activity, as it also improves people’s mood and it also works out muscle groups. As the body performs a wave motion movement, helped by the fin propulsion, you work out your gluteus, abdominal waist and lumbar, and with the movement of your arms, you work out your triceps, pectoral and dorsal. By breathing we make the return of the blood back to the heart easier, and we help the ventilation of the lung alveoli. It is a complete job of toning, strengthening, and oxygenation, with no direct impact to the body and its realization has no age limits.

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Our desire is not only to perform an aquatic activity, but that whoever makes this activity becomes the main character of history and mythology, living the magic experience of being a mythological creature.


Our Mermaids Academy means quality of service, respect for the environment, professionalism, customer treatment, education and healthy habits.
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