Original ideas or activities to rehearse in group

19 Aug Original ideas or activities to rehearse in group


To all of you that would like to try something different, we hereby will suggest you some original ideas or activities to rehearse in group, because when we usually go with the same people or friends, sometimes, we get tired of doing always the same things; that is why the activities inside the swimming pool or the beach are perfect for summer time and even those months of the spring season! Every time we have more months of good weather when people like doing something different fresh and would have fun outdoors, rather than the typical options.

Visiting the fairgrounds or even taking in consideration the aquatic parks can be some good ideas, but in most of the cases, all of them are quite similar and we do not find anything that may differentiate them, or seem to us as original as desired. Are you looking for some other options of original activities made in group that could surprise your friends? Do you like the sea? Have you ever taken in consideration that you would like to appear as a mermaid or triton? Or even live under the sea?

So now, let’s say: It is possible to do it now, turn yourself and friends into real Mermaids or Tritons for one day. You can not say any more that there are no longer original options or fantastical activities to be rehearsed in group!

The “BAPTISM OF MERMAID OR TRITON” is an activity that takes 90 minutes approximately to be rehearsed and in which you will be able to swim, move, enjoy and even to learn about the origin of these mythological beings, half human being, half fish. Sure, that it will be an experience that you will not forget. If you remain wishing more to be done, you can be informed about an advanced course that can be rehearsed in the same day or  some other day if you desired, where you will  improve your swim techniques and you are going to be able to win also a swimming style.

With our SIRENAS MEDITERRANEAN ACADEMY proposal you and your friends will be able to live an unforgettable unique experience as well as to amuse yourself while you celebrate special occasions: birthday, bachelor farewells or spinster, familiar meetings, etc.