Children’s entertainment during summer season in Tarragona

10 Aug Children’s entertainment during summer season in Tarragona


Jump right in! The best choice for children’s entertainment during hot summer season within Tarragona, it’s to take a dive and have fun into the water. And to make it even better, what would it be if we make young children learn to swim like a Mermaid or Merman? A very simple way to spend a different time increasing their confidence inside water, could it be while you make a plan of child leisure to keep them amused and learn. This is going to be for sure, a decision that you and children will never forget…

Let’s say that in addition to this idea of children’s entertainment in Tarragona; you will be able to get not only entertainment but full activities with which you would be also helping them to get multiple benefits.

In addition to help them to rehearse with complete exercises as said, you will be to helping them as well to keep video-games and tablets in a shelf, that usually are a distraction that make children to carry on a sedentary life. During the dive course will receive accurate instructions in how to hold their breath under the water and also how to swim using different techniques. Planning entertainment for children in Tarragona, besides a healthy solution is to have fun. It is not too bad, isn’t it?

Children will learn how to respect the sea and nature in general because in addition to our classes, we give a little introduction, where we talk about the needs of the oceans, as well as how the environment must be protected.

They will ask questions and learn many interesting facts about Mermaids, Story-fairy tales and Mythology. Moreover, we offer a whole package for children’s entertainment in Tarragona.

Once “THE BAPTISM MERMAN OR MERMAID PERFORMANCE” is realized and they want to live more experiences in water activities or they want to repeat again and continue acquiring styles, we have available mermaid tails on sale. If you have any further questions or you need additional information, please don’t hesitate yourselves and let us know.