Tips for children’s leisure in Barcelona

24 Jul Tips for children’s leisure in Barcelona

When the School course is over the same question arrives: Which offer can we find in Barcelona for children’s leisure? When we live the daily routine and leave behind the College habits usually make children to claim in summer, ―“I am bored

Planning every time the same things like going to the park, to sea -side, to the swimming pool etc., at the end Children can get tired of it and that is why it is always fantastic to find some other options for Children’s activities in Barcelona. Our Company, SIRENAS MEDITERRANEAN’S ACADEMY offers an original healthy plan and in addition makes children’s to have fun. We offer you and your children to live a safety unique experience. And even though we are not located in Barcelona, we invite you to come to Tarragona,  where we usually perform the courses, it will not be a problem for us, because we give the most of the courses in a hotel  located at the center of Tarragona, the famous LAURIA HOTEL where the “BAPTISMS OF MERMAID AND MERMAN” are performed. Besides, if you want to have a fun activity, you are allowed to enter to a pool and join another group of children. Also, if you request it we can go to Barcelona to make the children activities there.  

The recommendable age for children is to start at 8 years old. In addition, you will not have to worry about anything though all our assistants are duly qualified professionals on first aid. Besides our Company receives visitors from Barcelona and surroundings looking for children’s activities and also many families come to live the experience from other cities. As an example, recently we had an especial visitor from La Rioja, his name is NICOLÁS who came to live the experience and became a Merman for one day.

Don’t forget that if you also want to participate living the experience or in case that you are looking for child entertainment or leisure close to Barcelona, do not hesitate yourselves and please contact us. We will be very happy to inform you about everything in detail.